LEGO Dimensions Second Year Secrets

Disney Infinity might have been canned, but that doesn't mean toys-to-life is going anywhere soon. The talented team behind LEGO Dimensions have a lot of confidence in the future of their brand and have been talking to our chums at about plans for Second Year content.

Speaking to game director Jimmy McLoughlin, Eurogamer uncovered the following:

We're making the open worlds more advanced, as we have good solid game metrics that show people spend a lot of time in them. I think for season two, the minimum number of events in each world is 25, in season one it was 21. We're making them feel fuller, and allowing people to spend more time there.

The issue of DC Comics stars Green Arrow and Supergirl, which were only obtainable as figurines via events such as E3 and Comic-Con, was discussed. But don't worry, it seems you will be able to play as Green Arrow regardless:

We haven't given him anything that blocks anything - there are no gold bricks available. But he will be available digitally, eventually, through the Hire-a-Hero feature. Simply put - you'll be able to pay a small amount of studs to play as both.

It sounds like the same will be true of Supergirl further down the line also.

There are lots of other interesting tidbits in the interview with Eurogamer, so hop over there and fill your boots on all the lovely stuff coming to LEGO Dimensions soon.