Nintendo Software Technology

Some of you may be familiar with Nintendo Software Technology, the American studio that Nintendo opened to create games that appealed more to Western markets. Though it was started with the best of intentions, things began to fall apart with the ill-fated Project H.A.M.M.E.R., which seemed to create a divide between the studio and its Japanese overseers. Since then, it's been relegated to creating freemium amiibo games for the eShop, and is supposedly being moved onto smartphone development.

It doesn't sound like the greatest place to be working right now, and it appears a couple key figures there didn't think so either. Stephen Mortimer and Paul Kranich -- the Lead and Assistant Designers, respectively -- both left the studio recently, following hot on the heels of the exit of Hirokazu Yasuhara, of Sonic Team fame. It's currently unknown what the studio is in the process of developing right now, but hopefully things will start looking up soon.

What do you think? Should Nintendo just axe this studio? What projects do you think they could be working on? Drop us a comment in the section below.