Whenever Nintendo announces a limited edition version of a game there's the inevitable fear that stock will disappear rather quickly. That happened with the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE 'Fortissimo Edition' when the Official Nintendo UK Store opened up pre-orders, with the dreaded 'sold out' status eventually appearing.

With just a couple of days before release, however, pre-orders are open once again. In case you've forgotten this edition includes a 5x8 colour artbook, a six-song soundtrack CD featuring some of the game's music, six song cards and a sticker sheet, along with a DLC pack that includes five pieces of content that'll otherwise cost £1.79 each. It's limited to one per customer and costs £64.99 - you can grab it right here.

Tokyo Fortissimo.jpg

Let us know if you're planning to buy one of these, and be sure to check out the recommendation in our detailed Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE review.

Hat tip to Doctor Overbuild for the heads up.

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