Mighty No 9.jpg

Mighty No. 9 on Wii U has been in a quirky situation, with Kickstarter backers and early buyers in North America getting stuck into the release while publisher Deep Silver has been slow to roll-out review code for the Nintendo system's iteration. We've had some highlight to us on social media that on Wii U the game is - in their view - largely fine, though issues like excessive load times have been highlighted.

In any case, that performance on Nintendo's hardware may get a boost very soon. Along with a code to begin reviewing the game - out now in North America and due out in Europe at retail and the eShop on 24th June - we've been advised that an update is inbound. It's likely to boost aspects of performance, with a message advising that we "wait until the end of the day (Pacific time) as there's a patch that is about to go live". It could be a welcome arrival for early adopters, of course, while for plenty of players (especially in Europe) it'll effectively serve as a day one patch.

We're certainly keen to get cracking with this one, in any case, and hopefully the patch will ensure that Wii U buyers have a solid version of the game to enjoy.