It's no secret that the Sonic Boom spin-off games haven't been very well received. While the accompanying cartoon series has been quite successful, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was an absolute mess of a game, and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal was only average at best. With the advent of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice later this year, many have been wondering if and when Sonic would be starring in an adventure that wasn't attached to the Sonic Boom sub-brand. Fortunately, Sonic Team has now confirmed this to be the case, though details are still scarce.

Famitsu recently caught up with Takashi Iizuka to talk about the Sonic series and its 25th anniversary, and the last question asked was pertaining to the future of the blue blur. Among other things, Iizuka confirmed that Sonic Team is currently developing a "completely new game". No other information is available at the time, though perhaps there will be an announcement at the upcoming anniversary party for the 'hog on July 22nd. Here's the translated text from the interview:

We at Sonic Team – are developing a completely new game, as well as developing a full movie, actively done by Sony Pictures, and animation on Sonic Boom. We are also ready to improve sponsor ties. The most important thing is not the fact the series survived for 25 years, but how many games was developed. Our goal – add something new and overcome any potential hardships.

What do you think? Will Sonic Team finally get it right with this game? Will you be picking up Fire & Ice? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

With thanks to Soah City for the translation work.