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Pokémon Sun and Moon are arguably the biggest releases still to come to Nintendo hardware in 2016, and The Pokémon Company is slowly ramping up the hype machine. It's now unveiled a new trailer with seven new Pokémon, though may have had its hand forced by early leaks online.

You can see all seven below as images, first of all, via Serebii.

New Pokemon.png
Image: Serebii

Below is the official trailer showing them off, with Serebii translating the details to confirm types - Tapukoko is Electric/Fairy; Charjabug is Bug/Electric; Vikavolt is Bug/Electric; Drampa is Normal/Dragon; Bruxish is Water/Psychic; Cutiefly is Bug/Fairy; Togedemaru is Electric/Steel-type.

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[source serebii.net]