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Image: Jo Nakashima

Ah, it's that time, dear readers. With E3 having passed and Nintendo (and many others) having a quiet spell, it's the period of rumours, sources and secret handshakes. Sizeable French outlet Gameblog is the latest to pitch in with its reports on the NX - as is always the case these should be treated with plenty of salt and a healthy level of scepticism.

We'll summarise the key points below, as we interpret the source article:

  • NX was originally planned for a November release, but was pushed back
  • Power-wise (that old chestnut) it's being related again to the upcoming PS4K / PlayStation Neo. This comparison has been made in the past, and has also been denied by others.
  • Some third-party exclusives are reportedly in the works, by the likes of Capcom and Square Enix. The delay may be to await projects like these.
  • Skyward Sword is claimed to be getting the remaster treatment, while major franchises like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. are naturally in the works.
  • In terms of the operating system Android is mentioned as being related, which again has been claimed and denied in the past. There's talk of support for up to eight controllers, though that's actually a feature of the Wii U in any case.
  • Nintendo wants to avoid the price of the hardware getting too high.
  • A September reveal is on the cards, potentially tied into the Tokyo Game Show.

Perhaps Gameblog's sources will be proven valid on some points, perhaps not. A number of individuals have earnestly claimed insider knowledge, yet there have been enough contradictions and errors (even when sources are supposedly 'authenticated') to ensure that, at best, rumours only give us interesting talking points.

So, what do you think of this batch of information? Feasible, fantasy, a mix of both? Would a September reveal fit well with a target launch of March? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to all that sent this in.