Nintendo has slowly started to flesh out its E3 plans, and has now confirmed a couple of additional promotions to get us in the mood before and during the event.

First of all, we're contractually obliged to share some handsome concept art that Nintendo including in its press release, as it's lovely.


There's more Legend of Zelda-related goodness planned. It's a Miitomo tie-in, and as we saw with a Splatoon equivalent Nintendo is looking for retweets of the following from its official accounts.

If there are 10,000 retweets we'll get a 'Link's new hair' wig, and 20,000 will bring us a 'green Link' Wig as free rewards in the app. Beyond this there'll be Legend of Zelda-themed Miitomo Drop stages for a month from 14th June, along with a 'special item' in the app's shop. My Nintendo will also have reward outfits from that date, so it should be a fun day for LoZ and Miitomo fans.

There's more pleasing news for bargain hunters, as Nintendo of America has confirmed that it'll be triggering a 'big sale' on the eShop from 14th June, and it'll run for a week until 21st June. Whether this is an equivalent to the five year anniversary sale in Europe or something entirely different isn't clear, but it will include a 'special bonus' for those with My Nintendo accounts, so all are naturally encouraged to set them up.

We suspect the prospect of a major set of discounts is the most appealing announcement here, and it should add a little extra spice to Nintendo's E3 week.