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Super Mario Maker proved to be a success for Nintendo and Wii U in 2015, handing over the keys to 2D Mario gaming for players to create their own masterpieces. The in-game searches and the web-based Bookmark service have also made it easier to try new levels and discover new platforming ideas.

Nintendo's official options only go so far, however, and some prominent creators and Mario Maker streamers have now completed their own website that aims to offer more useful functionality for enthusiasts keen to share and try creations. Those involved (who will be familiar to keen followers of the scene and subreddit) are Jaku, Triwavetv, Mitchflowerpower, Carl Sagan42, Grand_POOBear, and Panga.

The end result is, which is still a work in progress but is nevertheless up and running. The summary below gives you a good idea of what the team is trying to achieve.

Have you ever wanted to make your levels into a complete game, or world? We allow you to do that, then allow users to bookmark each level, in order, with one click.

We even have a spot to post your best times for that world, so we can see who the top speedrunner is. Have you ever wanted to search for just One screen puzzles? Our level tagging system allows you to find levels based on more then just the code.

Want to find one screen puzzles with kaizo elements? Its as easy as a search. We have a lot of features coming down the pipeline, including user created races, level design contests, and much more we can't talk about yet.

As mentioned above it's potentially terrific for enthusiasts, speedrunners and streamers involved in the Mario Maker scene, though it's not particularly accessible or simple for less involved players right now. Getting full functionality out of the website necessitates linking a Warp.World account and your Super Mario Maker Bookmark cookie [Correction, only the Super Mario Maker Bookmark cookie is required], though simpler methods are promised to be in the works.

In any case it's an interesting idea - let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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