Yooka-Laylee is aiming to bring back the long-forgotten 3D platforming/collectathon genre that helped make developers such as Rare juggernauts of the industry, and is also one of the last shining beacons of hope for long-suffering Wii U owners.

We were lucky enough to have a first-hand look at the game thanks to the kind folks at Playtonic Games and Team 17 to see how far things have come since the initial Kickstarter reveal, and were even lucky enough to interview Andy Robinson and Mark Stevenson to hear what they had to say about their debut title with Playtonic. The big news is that the title isn't coming this year - a Q1 2017 release is now planned in order to give the team time to add a little more polish - but both Robinson and Stevenson offer up enough fresh info to make this delay a little easier to stomach.

Make sure you catch a glimpse of the video below where these two charming chaps spill the beans on this brand-new duo's upcoming adventure.