Grand Prix.jpg

EnjoyUp Games has been one of the most prolific publishers in the eShop era, releasing various titles across Wii U and 3DS while recently moving onto other platforms such as Xbox One.

The studio has now confirmed its next planned Wii U release, with no firm date as yet - Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing. It's the latest in line for the series following Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX, with this one shifting to faster F1-style cars. You'll be able to customise your car, tackle local multiplayer and compare times through online leaderboards.

We couldn't find an official trailer, so below is something else for your amusement.

This title has already been out on Xbox One, we should note, so below is one of the tracks from that version of the game.

We've been rather critical of its predecessors on Wii U, but we'll see whether this one gets off the grid a little faster once it arrives on Nintendo's system.