Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is one of those characters that's always been seen as an unofficial "Mario" for PlayStation systems, though this has been something of a misconception. The character has actually belonged to Activision for some time now, and a few of his later titles even appeared on Nintendo systems. Obviously, the character has been on ice for quite some time now, but Sony's recently announced plans to bring the 'coot back in a remastered collection, as well as a character in the upcoming Skylanders Imaginators.

Currently, a PS4-exclusive bundle is available where a Crash figure is included with the starter pack for this year's Skylanders, but it seems that he won't be locked to PlayStation completely. Interestingly enough, this figure will also be usable with other versions of the game, though it will obviously be a bit more difficult to get ahold of one due to how it can't be obtained any other way.

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