As the week ended you may have caught some of the action from the first day of CEO 2016, a big competitive gaming event in Orlando which is being supported by Nintendo and various other big-name partners. Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Pokkén Tournament are all part of the event.

As you can see in the schedule below today will bring the finale of the Melee tournament, while Smash Bros. on Wii U and Pokkén Tournament will advance towards the latter stages; times are below in US Eastern.

CEO schedule.jpg

For your convenience below you can find embeds of all the relevant streams. A highlight could be the CEO Gaming stream at the top, which will show the Melee conclusion late in the day; further down are more round-the-clock streams covering the Nintendo titles, though they won't all be live all of the time.


CEO Gaming - Melee Finals from 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 1am UK / 2am CET

VGBootCamp - Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U

PolarityGG - Smash Bros. Melee

MVG_League - Smash Bros. Wii U

Pokkén Tournament