B3 discount.png

B3 Game Expo For Bees is one of the quirkier titles to come to the Wii U in recent times, blending first-person shooting and adventure with some neat usage of the GamePad. One of the downsides (which we highlighted in our review) is its brevity, and we observed that "it might be worth it to pick this title up sometime on a sale or whim".

Developer Famous Gamous has now chopped the price on this one rather quicker than is conventional, with a permanent price cut. It actually launched in Europe at €3.99 / £2.99, with a late change after it was originally planned at €7.99 / £7.99. As of 9am Pacific / noon Eastern today (10th June) it's going to drop to $4.99 in North America, a 50% discount from $9.99.

There are always issues with permanent price cuts so quickly after release (as is the case in North America this time), as it can upset those that have paid full price. The developer has said the following about the cut.

I'm a new-ish solo game developer who is listening carefully and learning from this experience.

Therefore, I've made price adjustments effective immediately. NOA is now $4.99 and NOE is €3.99.

Hopefully these new prices feel more appropriate for this short but sweet experience. Thank you for your understanding as I continue to grow as an emerging developer.

Are you tempted to give this a try at its lower price point?