Falco, what a douche.png

Star Fox Zero is so April 2016, especially in this era of the internet rapidly moving on and forgetting about recent releases. Nevertheless the Nintendo / PlatinumGames collaboration hasn't been out that long, and the big N hasn't given up on promoting it quite yet.

As previously reported, Nintendo has brought back the rather neat Star Fox puppets of E3 2015 for some short TV commercials. First of all, here's one from last week that we didn't share until now:

Nintendo of America has now released two more, with the second one even going so far as to get the game's storyline wrong in order to facilitate a joke that makes Falco look like a frat-boy bully. Oh Nintendo!

Nevertheless it's always fun to see these puppets in action. It'll be interesting to see whether the marketing in the US has worked when the NPD results come next week.