After the silliness of CoroCoro magazine teasing Pokémon Sun and Moon details that delivered very little, series lead Junichi Masuda's subsequent tease was actually worth our time. The Pokémon Company revealed the starters and release dates, firing the starting gun for the gradual trickle of details still to come ahead of the games arriving in November.

There's plenty to be revealed, of course, though Pokémon veterans have done their part dissecting the reveal trailers for information. It seems we won't have long to wait for more, either, with the official Japanese account for the series announcing that more details will come on 2nd June, with the translated text suggesting there'll be more video along with website updates.

Naturally there are no further hints at what the reveal could be - it could range from new Pokémon, to new series features, an outline of gameplay mechanics or something else entirely. There's so much for Game Freak and The Pokémon Company to cover.

In any case, we'll certainly be watching closely for that information on 2nd June.