Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong has long since been a popular game for aspiring world record holders to challenge in hopes of being the "King of Kong". Mario and Donkey Kong's inaugural debut may seem to be a simple enough game, but competitors have been battling for years over the crown, continuously pushing the limits of what was thought to be the highest score possible. Amazingly enough, the score ceiling continues to climb, as a new competitor has just broken the previous world record.

On 5th May, Wes Copeland – who held a previous world record for the game – set the highest score recorded on Donkey Kong at a cool 1,218,000 points. As if that alone wasn't impressive enough, he did the entire thing on one life. Amazing. Copeland had previously set his goal at 1.2 million, and believes that he will never best this score. As a result, he's retiring form the competitive Donkey Kong scene. For those of you that are curious, here's a video of the run, which lasted just over three hours:

What do you think? What's your highest score on Donkey Kong? Do you think you can beat this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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