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The NPD Group has issued its April data and while Nintendo's products might not be as abundant as the company would hope, Star Fox Zero and Bravely Second have both made the cut.

Star Fox Zero made it to number 5 in the single-format list, with Bravely Second coming in at number 9. In the NPD's overall list - which combines sales of titles across all of the formats they were released on as well as special editions (but not digital sales, it should be noted) - the two Nintendo releases did less well, with Star Fox Zero limping in at 10 and Bravely Second not making the top 10 at all.

The wider picture shows a shrinking market. Consumers spent $509.5 million on new game-related products, which is down 15 percent year-over-year (last year it was $598.1 million). Hardware sales are down to $142.1 million from $183.7 million last year, while software sales dropped 21 percent, falling to $203.9 million from $256.7 million 12 months ago. Accessory sales were up 4 percent.