A US police officer has come to the aid of a 9-year-old Pokémon fan after his beloved collection of cards was stolen by a local hoodlum.

Young Bryce - who has been collecting the cards since he was 6 - was proudly showing off his collection to friends when the thief struck. He swiped the binder containing Bryce's cards and ran off.

The police were alerted, and Cleveland officers James Grotenrath and Ken Kirk eventually tracked the miscreant down and recovered the binder - but alas, some of the cards were gone.

For long-time Pokémon fan Grotenrath, the pain was real. A collector himself, the 26-year-old returned home after his shift and dig out his own card collection, which he duly gave to Bryce:

I grew up with Pokemon, I loved Pokemon as a kid and I would be heartbroken too if my cards were taken from me... it's better to see someone else smile, and in my book, like my partner says, it's just happy to see a citizen smile instead of always frowning upon us and looking the other way.

If that story doesn't warm your heart, then you're as cold as a Vanillish.

[source fox8.com]