A little while ago we wrote rather glowingly about Nintendo of America's latest slogan - 'There's No Play Like It'. It's not the first time NoA has gone for the angle of promoting its games for their uniqueness, and in the context of a 2DS advert that pitch certainly made sense.

The subsidiary has now launched a couple of new commercials using the same line, albeit in this case promoting the New 3DS and some of the portable's best releases. The first is the better in this writer's opinion, in which a game-savvy Mum gives tips to her son. The second is called "confidence" and interprets the term as being defined by a slightly worrying level of aggression and lack of empathy, but perhaps that's a harsh interpretation.

In any case, they seem like slick commercials that could certainly appeal to an audience of parents and young-ish kids.

Let us know what you think of these commercials in the comments - is this a good way to promote the 3DS to parents and their children?