Epic Word Search Collection 2.png

The 3DS eShop has a number of puzzle games of various types to choose from, and even simple styles typically reserved for pen and paper make appearances. One example can be found with Epic Word Search Collection, which is pretty good in living up to its name with no frills. It evidently sold in decent numbers, too, as developer Lightwood Games has now confirmed Epic Word Search Collection 2 - it'll be released in North America and PAL regions on 26th May, priced €7.99 / £5.99 / US $7.99 / AU $9.99.

As was the case before we can expect plenty of puzzles, this time with five new categories included:

  • The Epic America Word Search
  • The Epic Ancient Word Search
  • The Epic Animals Word Search
  • The Epic Journeys Word Search
  • The Epic Shakespeare Word Search

This one will also add a "flip controls" option to the user interface, which was apparently much requested by those that picked up the first entry.

For crossword fans we expect more of a decent thing - there's clearly a market for word games of various kinds on the eShop.