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Though it took its sweet time, Minecraft: Wii U Edition has been a welcome and quality arrival on the system, with the recent free addition of The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack being another plus point. Now it seems that all of the console versions are in line for some free content soon, with Mojang confirming a new minigame called 'Battle' for a June release.

Though players can already arrange and create their own minigames, the goal here is to help players get into these activities quickly and easily. It's targeting console gamers, in particular, with support for four players locally or eight online. As the name suggests it's a simple - but hopefully fun - PVP showdown mode, where you scramble to grab weapons and face off.

Battle pits players against one another in a fight for survival, as they race to snatch weapons and resources from chests, dance over each arena's unique perils and stave off hunger pangs. We've made the mini game specifically with console players and couch-based competition in mind: it supports up to four players in splitscreen and eight players online, either by invitation or using the in-game matchmaking system. We wanted it to be super-accessible and fast-paced, so we've tried to keep the focus on rapid tactical thinking and combat: there's no need to craft anything here, and you can loot inventories and equip armour with the tap of a button.

If you fall to your foe's blade - don't despair! You can always respawn as a bat and flutter round your nemesis, squeaking vengefully. Take care to check out the lobby in between games, too. There may be a few surprises to find!

Though the update is free (and includes three maps), additional maps will eventually be sold for $2.99 each.

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