Super Mario Maker - The ER: Surgical Shells 2.0

We love a challenging Super Mario Maker level here at Nintendo Life, but sometimes we come across a creation which is so punishing that it requires super-human levels of skill to complete.

Behold The ER: Surgical Shells 2.0 by evil genius Docta_el, a course which has - at the time of writing - been completed zero times out of 28872 attempts. But of course the creator needs to successfully complete their course before it can be uploaded and shared with the Super Mario Maker community, right? Well it only took 45 hours and 53 minutes to finally beat it.

First Mario must undertake some gravity defying jumps by shell flipping, then bouncing on a upturned spiky. The shell bouncing continues past grinders and spike traps, all the while you will watch and think "how on God's green earth is this even possible?" The second section after the pipe is even more crazy.

Check out the video and let us know if you think you could complete such a course with a comment below.

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