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Here at Nintendo Life we rather enjoy videos of extremely complex and difficult Super Mario Maker stages - it's easier to admire the play of others than to attempt them ourselves, after all. The precision and skill in both the stage designs and the players that clear them can be extraordinary.

Often we share videos of creators clearing their crazy efforts in order to get them uploaded into the game, but there are eager players that task themselves with the job of getting the elusive first clear on 'Super Expert' levels. When browsing the game's subreddit we saw a post by 'ReflectivistFox', in which he cleared a level prominent in the 0% completed list on the site. The level in question is 'POWer Shell' by Imthe666st, and sure enough its bookmark page shows one clearance from over 5000 attempts at the time of writing.

ReflectivistFox reckons they put a combine 12.5 hours into clearing the stage, and has produced a neat video to show the successful run. Not only can you marvel at how it's done, but there's a funny blooper reel that shows some of the easy mistakes to be made in Super Expert levels.

Check it out below.

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