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Star Fox Zero will be with us later this week, and producer Shigeru Miyamoto has let slip that the game contains a bonus "route-focused" Arcade Mode to test advanced players. He also revealed that the development team had plans to allow players to make wider use of the game's garage of vehicles, but this idea was ultimately shelved.

Taking inspiration from the beloved N64 outing, Star Fox Zero boasts branching pathways which take a bit of snooping around to discover. However, Miyamoto points out that the arcade mode will add even more longevity to the package, and this should hopefully address the concern that some people had that the title would be too easy:

Although we considered being able to play the same stage using different vehicles when designing the game, we concluded that the enjoyment of Star Fox is to discover new routes, and there is enjoyment in finding different paths even after completion. Furthermore, there is an Arcade Mode which is a route-focused mode for advanced users, so I am confident that players can enjoy the game for a long time.

Excited enough yet?