As some of you may be aware, Nintendo has an upcoming fiscal meeting in just a few short hours that will be centered around reviewing the company's performance over the last quarter. Naturally, these events are usually mostly concerned with sales numbers and graphs, but new announcements for the near future have been known to occasionally take place during these events. Now, there are reports that there will be a new announcement concerning Nintendo's next app.

Dr. Serkan Toto – the CEO of a Japanese gaming consulting firm – has recently stated on Twitter that he's caught wind of a mobile announcement being on the cards for the upcoming presentation. IGN then reached out to Toto shortly after, and Toto clarified by saying:

I heard they will include news on an actual [mobile] game, just because both DeNA and Nintendo confirmed the app will be a game, not something like Miitomo.

Toto has been spot on with his predictions before, so perhaps we may be discussing Nintendo's next app in greater detail shortly.

What do you think? What IP will Nintendo be using for the next smart device app? What did you think of Miitomo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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