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With this being a year that, at the very least, will deliver a new system reveal from Nintendo, it should be no surprise that the company may have upped its spending on research and development. Of course, the flipside of the argument is that the hardware will have been concluded in prototype form, at least, for some time, so the bulk of spending could have been in the past.

Nevertheless there's been some eager chatter around a report by market research firm Technavio, which focused on leading companies in the area of motion controlled remote markets. That may sound dull, but the talk is around the firm's estimate that Nintendo has spent nearly $527 million on research and development this fiscal year. That may seems a lot but, actually, that's a lowball prediction.

In Nintendo's most recent Q3 financial reports it reported "research and development expenses" that were only a tiny margin higher than the equivalent figure from the 2014 / 2015 financial year. Its forecast for the year-end total spend (on 31st March this year), which is presumably what Technavio is projecting, was actually higher than the research firm's figure. Nintendo's forecast is for an R&D spend of 65,000 million Yen for the fiscal year, which roughly converts to a little over $582 million.

In general Nintendo's R&D figures only vary modest amounts across multiple years, suggesting that the company is - generally speaking - always researching and considering its future products on a consistent annual basis.

We'll have official figures, in any case, when Nintendo releases its annual financial results in late April.

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