We suspect that many reading these pages have a good-old NES in their house, perhaps gathering dust as a treasured heirloom for future generations. Of course, some might still play their 8-bit system on a regular basis, or perhaps find another use for the iconic hardware.

YouTuber Scotland Symons, who has shared a handful of videos that include a guitar that has a functioning flamethrower, decided to take her old NES and turn it into an electric guitar. What starts off as a random task turns into a cool result after two hours, and Symons is clearly delighted with the result.

It's neat to see it come together, and it seems we'll see more of the NES guitar in future - for reference there's one swear word at the start of this video, so don't say we didn't let you know...

It's always fun seeing projects like these come together, and it's certainly a unique use for an old NES. If someone makes a giant piano out of old Game Boys we could have the world's quirkiest band on the horizon; obviously the DK Bongos have percussion covered.

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