Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary.jpg

You know a franchise and a company have a unique ability to exasperate fans when a 'special reveal' at a live panel turns out to be for an event in San Diego. A Sonic the Hedgehog panel at SXSW did just that, ending what was actually a relatively fun panel not with a mic drop, but an atmosphere where you could hear a pin drop. To say that fans online reacted negatively would be an understatement.

That Sonic 25th Anniversary Event in San Diego on 22nd July may have a reveal of its own, and we certainly hope so. While SEGA would like us to be excited about Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice coming to 3DS later this year, in the real world we want a major home console entry for the mascot's Anniversary. Like Sonic Generations, for this and the next (NX?) generation of gamers.

Just today we were joking at Sonic's expense when chatting as a team - in terms that can't be published on a family friendly website - as the poor chap has drawn some ire in recent times. Nevertheless, we admire the ever-humorous official Twitter account, and thought we'd share its neat Anniversary GIF - spot the self-deprecating inclusion of a meme-tastic imposter.

The Sonic Twitter account has done a great job of keeping its humour despite the relatively tough times the mascot is facing. Keep on joking, Sonic the Hedgehog, we still believe in you.