Infographics. Ah, the marketing of the Gods, where nice art assets are aligned with some quirky facts and details. They're rather popular, which is why large companies task employees with creating them on a regular basis.

Despite a rather peculiar and sketchy history with Amazon, the retail giant, Nintendo of America has nevertheless shared an infographic posted by the Amazon Video Games account. It highlights the 10 years of history to be found if you combine The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD and Hyrule Warriors Legends, the two most recent franchise releases. Technically more history is covered in the Koei Tecmo title, but let's not get into that.

Despite its resolution and tiny text being hard to read that are little 'facts' to be found, such as Wolf Link being able to run at over 35 miles per/hour. Not bad, wolfie, not bad.

Zelda Infographic

In any case it's nice to see a sizeable retail social media account plugging Nintendo games. If you scroll through the Amazon Games account (linked below) you can also see it shared individual segments of this Zelda infographic over recent days; these are much easier to read. It's also been promoting its pre-order edition of Bravely Second: End Layer, too.

The Legend of Zelda is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year, of course, and we're hoping it'll be one to remember.