Picross e7.jpg

The 3DS eShop is packed full of quality Picross games, most of which have been developed by Jupiter Corporation. It's released six Picross e games and also developed My Nintendo Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and has now confirmed that Picross e7 is close to release.

It's due out in Japan on 27th April and will offer plenty of content. There'll be over 300 puzzles, most of which will be standard Picross or Mega Picross, while three Micross puzzles will add plenty more. Those with save data for any of the first three games will also get extra content.

There'll also be optional control tweaks, while a special temporary marker will be available so that you can mark squares without the risk of a time penalty.

Overall it's likely to serve up more of the solid Picross action we've seen in its predecessors; hopefully it won't be long before this one heads to the West.

[source perfectly-nintendo.com]