Nintendo and Mario have teamed up with Sonic in the past, but now it's teaming up with SONIC - the drive-in chain in North America.

Rather like with the various Happy Meal toys that we've seen in McDonald's around the world, this promotion offers a toy with 'Wacky Packs' for kids - all based on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Concept art and descriptions for them are below.

Each of the five Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam toys looks and plays differently, offering kids a variety of fun options. One toy shaped like Mario races across the room on wheels, while another featuring Paper Mario and Luigi spins around like a top. Two of the toys even resemble the folded-up paper look of the outrageous papercraft battles featured in the game.

Wacky Pack toys.jpg

Apparently there are around 3500 SONIC drive-in outlets, so this could prove to be decent marketing for Paper Jam - the toys will be included from 19th April to 30th June.

Are you a fan of SONIC drive-ins and planning to collect these toys? Let us know.