The wizardry taking place behind closed doors at Nintendo R&D is something that's endlessly fascinating, as the company continually experiments with new and exciting ways to play. Of course, not all of this makes it into stages of production – looking at you inflatable Wii saddle – but the patents that are filed occasionally reveal some very interesting ideas being worked on.

A patent filed by Nintendo way back in August of 2014 was just published yesterday, revealing the concept of a new object detection piece of hardware. The product appears to use some mixture of cameras and mirrors to detect where objects are in relation to it, in addition to having projector-like capabilities, but the literature that explains it uses lots of vague jargon to describe its function. One image in particular stands out, showing two amiibo-like toys near the device. If we were to guess, this could potentially be a means of scanning in more than one amiibo at a time, but only time will tell what it does, if it even goes into production.


For more information and concept images, you can find it here.

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