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You want Nintendo NX chatter that's not completely made up? Well today's the day, sort of, courtesy of a job listing posted by Monolith Productions.

It's been a long time since this developer went anywhere near Nintendo hardware, and is perhaps best known for the critically acclaimed Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. In some respects it's a relatively standard open world game with gory combat, but it nevertheless had an impressive structure to its world - part of your objective was to infiltrate and manipulate the leadership structure of the orcs, and the implementation of this is undeniably clever.

In any case, a sequel to Shadow of Mordor is anticipated, with various rumours to that effect in recent times. Now there's a little hope that Nintendo fans may get in on the action courtesy of a job listing for a Quality Assurance Manager that includes the following requirement:

  • Knowledge of certification standards for Microsoft (TCR compliance), Sony (TRC compliance), or Nintendo (Lot Check).

Now, this could be wording to simply seek someone who's familiar with publishing games on major platforms - note the 'or' instead of 'and'. Or it could be an encouraging sign that a prospective sequel could be in line for Nintendo's NX hardware - Warner Bros. (publisher of Shadow of Mordor) doesn't always worry about timelines and consistencies with games, as it brought Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition and Batman: Arkham Origins to Wii U, but not the original or successor.

Regardless of long term prospects, major third-parties do often support Nintendo hardware early on to see how it performs, so it's not beyond possibility that major releases (perhaps ports) developed by the likes of Monolith Productions are in the works.

We shall see in good time.

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