Headup Games is a prolific publisher across various platforms, and recently brought Brainseed Factory's Wii U exclusive Typoman to the world. It's keen to support Nintendo's store, too, and has confirmed a number of future titles for the system that will also be on show at next week's PAX East in Boston.

First up and definitively listed for Wii U is In Between, which arrived on PC in 2015 and is now making its way to consoles. Evidently story driven, this features an attractive visual style and some clever puzzle mechanics.

The following two were simply listed for 'Consoles', but Headup Games has confirmed to us that Wii U versions are on the way.

For Windscape, the description says "don't miss this one if you like great art and a Zelda-esque gameplay style", which is promising. Below is a 2015 trailer from earlier in the game's development.

Treasure Arena, meanwhile, started life as a HTML5 web game and is now being updated and expanded for PC and console (including Wii U). It's a frantic multiplayer brawler with typically crazy unlocks and a quick tempo - check out the trailer for the original web version below.

While those games are sure things for Wii U, this next one is probable but "not set in stone". SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell weirdly draws inspiration from both Super Meat Boy and Quake. When those games have a baby, you get something like this...

All intriguing games, three of which are definitely on their way to Wii U. As mentioned above they'll be on show (the PC versions) at PAX Easter on 22nd-24th April, and we'll keep an eye out for firm release details.

Have any of these caught your eye and worked their way onto your wishlist?