"Pixar" style on the left, "Iron Man" on the right

Nowadays, it seems that cancelled Mega Man games are a fairly common occurrence, resulting in a significant lack of new games for the Blue Bomber. Most notably was the FPS experiment – called Maverick Hunter – revealed back in 2013, which would have been made by several developers that had previously worked on Metroid Prime. Now, it seems that another project has come to light, though this one didn't make it very far into production.

A game artist named Gonzalo Ordoñez recently spoke at Game Dev Santiago, where he revealed art of a Mega Man project he worked on back in 2010. The project initially aimed to reimagine Mega Man in a "Pixar" style, then it shifted gears and they decided to go in a direction more in line with "Iron Man". Though the timeframe in which this was being worked on aligns with that of Maverick Hunter, the two projects were evidently unrelated. Here's what Ordoñez had to say, as translated by Rockman Corner:

Maybe this (canceled) project was the one that hurt me the most. A Mega Man game, that we were just working on at the time, but I don't know what happened that. Somehow the game remained "in limbo"(as just an idea).

Our initial plan was to introduce some kind of project similar to the "Pixar" style, but that opinion was not very well received and then it became more of an "Iron Man" concept. You know, it was the time in which the superhero theme was quite popular, thus from the "Pixar" version, it became the "Iron Man" version.

The game never went past the concept, and well, it stayed as (…) where the character appeared as a much more (...)

What do you think? Would this game have been a good idea? When do you think Capcom will make another new Mega Man game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source rockman-corner.com]