During the most recent Nintendo Direct broadcast Shigeru Miyamoto appeared on our screens to present Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard, confirming their dual release in April. It was a pleasing affirmation that the title has been finished as planned, and we don't have long to wait until we take to the skies on Wii U.

That Direct segment was filmed in New York, so naturally Miyamoto-san took part in a media blitz. As is increasingly common YouTube is a key part of that, with the legendary game designer appearing on a host of popular channels for interviews.

We've picked some out below, and they're well worth a watch if you have some spare time; there aren't many earth-shattering revelations, but it's always a pleasure to listen to Shigeru Miyamoto and his more-than-familiar translator, Bill Trinen. The delight of the presenters in meeting Miyamoto-san also never fails to raise a smile - it's fair to say that Miyamoto-san is a hero to many.


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