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Road Redemption was a high profile Kickstarter campaign way back in Spring 2013, as it called upon nostalgia for titles like Road Rash when making its pitch. Having been successfully funded it then had a slightly sticky period where early gameplay videos were poorly received, though since Fall 2014 its Early Access offering on Steam has earned positive reviews.

Nevertheless the game is taking longer than expected to finish, and now developer DarkSeas Games has admitted what many would have long since feared - the Wii U version is currently skidding off the track.

The PC early access build hasn't had any updates since December last year, and a status update now confirms that the next new build is aiming to deliver a significant list of improvements and new features. The plan is to release this major update in the "next month or two", with the aim being to finish PC development by the end of Summer.

Though details on the PS4 and Xbox One versions will come in due course, the following update was given on the Wii U entry.

Hey guys, here is some clarification on Wii-U. Anyone who backed for Wii-U can definitely choose to receive a PS4 or Xbox One copy instead when those versions become available (or Steam version now). We have definitely not ruled out a Wii-U release, however due to the current complexity of the game and the weak hardware of the Wii-U, it will take a tremendous amount of optimization to make it happen. This would have to happen after PS4 and Xbox One versions are complete.

It's not the most visually impressive game out there, yet complexity in a project can naturally come from underlying mechanics, AI and so on, while small studios also have to prioritise limited resources. In any case it's disappointing that the Wii U version is now looking doubtful.

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