Many of us like to talk a big game with Super Mario Maker creations, how we're planning to wow the world and change the way we play platformers in the Mario universe. In most cases, of course, a level creation is often abandoned early to do something a little less taxing; it's harder than it seems to make a good level.

Some creators go all out though, not just in terms of the complexity of their levels but also in their visual design and themes. This certain applies to 'Metroid Resurrection', a series of four levels that follow a discernible plot and even have their own marketing poster. Check it out:

Metroid Resurrection.jpg

We can't help but admire the effort shown here by 'Wuvwii', and having tried the first level it's rather nicely done, feeling like a mini adventure. The lack of a checkpoint is a shame, though, as our GamePad nearly went on a trip out the window after a clumsy death near the end.

In any case, it's lovely to see such care and devotion paid to a concept in Super Mario Maker - check out the levels and let us know what you think.