One of the interesting new additions to Xenoblade Chronicles X is the introduction of Skells (or Dolls, for Japanese players), which are basically giant, drivable mechs that make traversing the colossal world of Mira that much easier. While it may be that it takes a large chunk of game time to actually reach a point where you can obtain one, these new vehicles add a whole new layer to the world, particularly in the added flight capabilities that they offer.

It was a given that there'd eventually be some merchandise produced around Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Kotobukiya has just opened up pre-orders for a new toy based on the in-game Skells. The toy is able to transform between Skell and vehicle forms, it comes with all sorts of attachable weapons and decals, and it's about 175 mm tall (just under 7 inches, for those of you that use Freedom Units). It costs 8,424 yen (just over 50 pounds and just under 75 dollars) and it's expected to ship sometime in July, but unfortunately there's no overseas shipping available. Perhaps that could change if there were enough demand for it in the west, but we wouldn't hold our breath.

What do you think? Would you be interested in buying this if it were made available? What did you think of Xenoblade Chronicles X? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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