World to the West

2014 saw the release of Teslagrad, an innovative new metroidvania title that utilised a unique, hand drawn visual style. We rather liked it in our review, and even got to discuss the game at length with the developers. One of the points brought up in the interview was that Teslagrad was set in a greater universe, and that there were plans to be more games that would expand upon it. Now, it seems that the next game has arrived, as Rain Games has just announced World to the West.

World to the West is a top down action puzzler that appears to take some inspiration from early Zelda games. You control one of four characters – one of which is a Teslamancer – and each one has unique abilities to help deal with enemies and environmental puzzles. There's no release date or platforms announced yet, but the studio did show a very promising teaser trailer. Check it out:

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