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Nintendo finally got around to re-releasing the very first batch of Pokémon entries on the 3DS eShop last week, with Red, Blue and Yellow arriving on in the west while Japan was also gifted Pokémon Green.

While Nintendo won't give actual sales figures, it has confirmed which of these titles has sold the most briskly, and it should come as no great shock to learn that Pokémon Yellow is the king of the hill, followed by Red and Blue, in that order.

Based on the TV series, Yellow includes content not present in Red and Blue as well as a strong focus on what has to be the most famous Pocket Monster of all. This could explain why it has become the best-selling edition on the eShop.

Over in Japan, the story is the same - Yellow is top, with Red, Blue and Green following in order.

So, which one did you buy? We asked the same question pre-release, but let us know what you actually went for by filling out the poll below.

Which version of Pokémon did you download in the end? (469 votes)

  1. Pokémon Red9%
  2. Pokémon Blue12%
  3. Pokémon Yellow32%
  4. All three10%
  5. Pokémon Red and Blue3%
  6. Pokémon Red and Yellow3%
  7. Pokémon Blue and Yellow2%
  8. I haven't downloaded any of them29%

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