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Well, Nintendo certainly tried to wow its fans with its first full Direct of the year. Regardless of opinions over the content, what is clear is that there was plenty of it across the different key regions, with a mix of solidified details and surprises thrown in. Considering the timing and content here it's certainly doubtful whether there'll be another full Nintendo Direct blow-out ahead of E3, though there could be smaller presentations to fill the next few months; time will tell.

So, did the broadcasts on 3rd March deliver on expectations? That's what we're asking you in the polls below - the initial vibes in the live chat at the time were mixed to positive; we didn't get a sense that viewers were overly disappointed, in any case. As our usual 'Big Nintendo Direct Summary' shows there were quite a few reveals, while we also saw the expansion of the Virtual Console and one of (maybe the first) open beta of an eShop game on the way. There was also a pleasing trend for release dates to be sooner than expected, rather than delayed.

In the end there's plenty to chew over, and we're planning a variety of editorials and talking points over the weekend. These will include a broad look at what Nintendo delivered, along with topics such as a belated push for the New 3DS and the Virtual Console, and evidence of a weakening in Nintendo's efforts to avoid leaks of information; in the latter case we'll talk about how Europe and North America seem to be in different states of disrepair.

Before all that, though, we want your views on the Direct broadcasts. Click some poll buttons and share your opinions in the comments - are you a happier Wii U and 3DS gamer now than you were before the Directs?

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