Pokemon Comaster.png

The Pokémon Company is relatively experienced in utilising smart devices, even if its parent company Nintendo is gearing up to release its first major app this month. In another effort to expand the reach of the 'mon franchise the company has announced another spin-off that's heading to phones and tablets - Pokémon Comaster.

This will be a free-to-play strategy board game - with in-app purchases - which will have solo and online play. In what looks like a mix of 3D chess and checkers you try to win and collect Pokémon figurines to build up your set; naturally they all have unique attributes. It's being developed by HEROZ, which has a track record in Backgammon and Chess apps.

You can see a brief teaser trailer below, with a Spring release planned in Japan. Is this of interest to you?

[source serebii.net]