Gear Gauntlet.png

The eShop continues to be a key part of the Wii U platform, with a range of exclusives and ports giving owners of the home console new content to consider. It also introduces Nintendo fans to plenty of new Indie names, and this year we'll be playing a game by another relatively unknown studio - Drop Dead Interactive.

Its debut release, Gear Gauntlet, was previously released on Xbox One and is now coming to the Wii U with porting and publication being handled by Crystalline Green - the latter previously brought Totem Topple to the eShop. As outlined on the publisher's blog, it's adding some Wii U-specific features to Drop Dead Interactive's title.

We've been hard at work porting it to Wii U for the last few months, adapting it to work with the Wii U's unique GamePad controller, integrating Nintendo leaderboard API's and adding a few extras like Miiverse functionality, Wii U Pro and Classic Controller support. Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be ensuring Gear Gauntlet passes all the requisite Nintendo checks, as well as promoting it, with the game eventually being published under the Crystalline Green Ltd. banner on the eShop.

As for what Gear Gauntlet is, it looks like a quick-paced and intense game where you're rapidly dodging obstacles and enemies while relentlessly moving forward. The Xbox One trailer below shows it off rather nicely.

Is this a game you're interested in trying out?