Aperion Cyberstorm.png

We've been talking up Aperion Cyberstorm since its announcement, having much enjoyed the Wii U exclusive when playing it last year - with bright visuals and tight dual stick shoot 'em up action it certainly ticks some boxes.

Comprised of a story-driven campaign and a series of multiplayer modes, the debut release from aPriori Digital has been shaping up nicely. The development team has now confirmed some new features that have been added to give the game a little extra depth.

First is the addition of optional AI bots in multiplayer modes, a simple but welcome option if two players fancy battling in an arena with five ships, for example.

Then there are modifiers that can be applied to competitive modes, which include the abilities for dead players to fight on as ghosts and a fun 'revenge' option, among others, that allows your ship to spin into and destroy rivals before it blows up.

Finally, teams have been introduced for use in modes outside of the core co-op features.

We rather like the look of this - hopefully it's not too far away.