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We've seen some terrific creations in Super Mario Maker, but few are as downright clever as a creation by Reddit user Helgefan. Shared on the social network this past weekend, it's rightly being hailed as an outrageous achievement in level design.

Utilising binary additions and decimal conversion this stage, effectively, allows you to add two numbers between 1 and 7, at which point it becomes one of the most extraordinary 'Don't Move' levels we've ever seen. You observe Mario passing through a rather complex route, and at the end the number of the addition is recreated; based on the instructions alone (which tell you to avoid music blocks in the first phase) it's clear there are some hugely complicated mechanics at work.

Below is the clearest part of the description, though those of you with an interest in mathematics and how this works should check out the whole post linked below.

The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator is a digital circuit consisting of logic gates such as AND and OR not unlike an electronic calculator. However, instead of 2 different voltage levels, shelmet (1) or no shelmet (0) are used as binary states (bits). Simple adding machines have been created in the past with Super Mario Maker, but to my knowledge this is the first one with a decimal conversion and proper display of the result. For clarity, have a look at the big supplemental image!

There's even a large image that shows the whole stage, which is worth a look at this link. It's clear why this took weeks to produce.

The video below shows 6 + 6 in action, and we've also tested it with multiple inputs; it works every time. Amazing.

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