Duck Hunt

Bayonetta was one of the last fighters to be added to Super Smash Bros. and she certainly is one of the more unique characters on the roster. Not only does Bayonetta have an interesting, combo-centric fighting style that imitates the one from the games she comes from, but the design of the character also sticks out. Bayonetta's elongated legs and slightly exaggerated proportions may look a bit odd, but they look even more interesting when other characters take on the same proportions.

A modder by the name of Smb123w64gb recently decided to swap the models of all the other fighters on the roster with Bayonetta's, because why not? The results are fascinating and somewhat frightening in some cases, but overall, it seems that this experiment was definitely a success.You can find the full gallery here, it's certainly worth a look.

What do you think? Which picture is your favorite? Do you prefer playing as Bayonetta? Drop us a comment in the section below.