March is a great month for Zelda fans, for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is looming around the corner, and Hyrule Warriors Legends isn't much further away either. However, the crème de la crème title that most (if not all) Zelda fans are looking forward to is the new Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U, supposedly launching in late 2016.

Nintendo hasn't shown much footage of arguably the most anticipated title of the year, but what it has done is kept us licking our chops by teasing what's to come - and that's by dropping two screenshots from the first Zelda Wii U trailer within Twilight Princess HD. The two screenshots can be found in the Chudley's Fine Goods and Trinkets Emporium in Hyrule's Castle Town, however it should be noted that you won't be able to find them after the store turns into Malo Mart later in the game.

Have a watch of the video below where Alex takes you on a tour of these teasing easter eggs so you can witness them for yourself. Does this make you more frustrated at the lack of Zelda U details or in fact more excited? As always, tell us below.

Hats off to YouTuber HMK for discovering this easter egg.