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With the Shovel Knight amiibo out in the wild, Yacht Club Games has cleared the path for other Nindies to contemplate their own amiibo figures. As the studio explained to us, once Nintendo gave the all clear the Nindie did the vast majority of the work; as the first company to do its own amiibo, it also worked out a process that simply didn't exist beforehand.

Why does that matter? As Image & Form explains in its latest video, it means that the picture is now clearer for how it's done. The latest video from the company talks about the prospects of a SteamWorld amiibo, and it is - ultimately - a possibility. It'll come down to resources, but the intent is certainly there for the future.

There's also an update on the fact that SteamWorld Heist has been nominated for the prestigious SXSW Mobile Game of the Year. It's the only 3DS game on the list and it's up to a public vote, so if you want to show your support head over to this voting page.

Check out the video below and let us know whether you'd like a SteamWorld amiibo.